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For the Discerning Pocketbook

Save Time and Money with Freezer Cookies

It’s easy to make your own fresh baked cookies. They are better tasting and often cheaper than the store bought variety. However, the problem is you often need them when company drops in unexpectedly. There is a way to impress your guests by pulling fresh baked cookies out of the

For the Discerning Pocketbook

ETF Strategies

We often get questions regarding how to invest in ETF’s. The best answer to that question is to see a good financial planner and have the planner map out your best asset allocation. (Be aware that many financial planners will try to sell you commission products. ETF’s don’t pay commissions

For the Discerning Pocketbook

Carpe Diem

The Latin phrase Carpe Diem (which is literally “seize the day” – meaning go for it, or take a leap of faith, or make the most of each moment) takes on fresh meaning with the release of some new statistics. According to a recent Environics poll the following results were

Scrooge Guide in Print

Our Annual Guide to living large, without spending large too! This is our best tips and advice from the site, as well as never before seen content, and more in depth analysis. Available in paperback or Digital E book.