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Our Vision

Being smart with money is a skill that everyone in every walk of life should have the resources to develop. The Scrooge Guide is a platform that shares information to empowers the average person to practice frugality in order to achieve financial freedom.


Our articles discuss how to pinch your pennies in every aspect of your life. From gardening and cooking to Christmas shopping & weddings to lessons in finance and investing, the Scrooge guide's goal is to help our readers achieve frugal living so that you will never have to cringe when looking at your bank account.

Meet Scrooge

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Scrooge or as most people know him, Rob, has spent his life practicing frugality. Rob is always coming up with new and creative ways to stretch his dollars.


Rob developed a reputation for his financially savvy ways and this is where the nickname "Scrooge" comes from. Despite not possessing any of the other unattractive characteristics of the fictional character Ebenezer Scrooge, the nickname stuck and inspiration for the Scrooge Guide was born. ​

With over thirty years experience in accounting, bookkeeping and treasury and a Masters Degree in accounting and finance from the University of Salford, Robert uses his professional knowledge to write the Scrooge Guide - articles for the average person to pick up skills on frugal living to achieve financial freedom. 

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