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DIY Christmas Presents

For Children

There are lots of things you can make at home that children will appreciate. They are unlikely to appreciate exclusively homemade gifts, but they can make up the bulk of the gift giving for the season. Here are some of the ideas we liked the best:

1. A scrapbook filled with pictures of the child with space for them to write their own stories or history below.

2. An invention box filled with nuts and bolts, gears, old computer parts, wood, nails, wheels, wire, batteries and anything else that may be interesting to a budding inventor.

3. A dress up box filled with clothes from relatives or yard sales.

4. Old costume jewelry. This is extra special when handed down from an older relative or friend.

5. A collection of second-hand tools. Children of all ages will like this gift.

6. A homemade workbench. Another favorite for kids who like to tinker. The design can be quite simple, as long as it is sturdy enough to pound and saw on.

7. An apron for the kitchen or workshop.

8. A box of homemade cookies and candies.

9. A large floor pillow for watching TV or lying around listening to music.

10. Dominos, cards and vintage board games that can be found at thrift stores.

There are lots of other homemade things that adults appreciate. Here are a few ideas:

1. A gift certificate to a Thrift Shop (not homemade but very Scroogie)

2. Homemade Jams and Jellies

3. Homemade chutneys and relishes

4. A price book (what you should pay for what and where), so they never overspend again.

5. Designer (quilt-like) placemats from old fabric scraps.

6. Buy magazines from an antique store dated to the year and month of the birthdate of the person you are buying for. This makes for fascinating reading.

7. Make a video on the life of the person you are giving to. This could be from the point of view of friends and relatives with narration and old photographs included. Get creative with period music as well.


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